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REVIEW: Magnetic Sponsoring
Magnetic Sponsoring was the first product in Mike Dillard’s range of products, and since launching this ebook Mike has made more than 17 mill. USD online. He can be worth listening to, that’s for sure. Below is a short, but to the point review of his Magnetic Sponsoring E-book. As soon as you have made the purchase, you can download the book.  The material in Magnetic Sponsoring is especially for network marketers and MLM distributors, but the content can very well be used in all kinds of businesses that is interested in lead generation.

The content of the book is in principle about YOU.  Mike Dillard explains HOW YOU CAN SUCCEED in any network marketing company.
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REVIEW: Black Belt Recruiting
The Black Belt Recruiting course is another very well produced product from Mike Dillard, and it is meant for developing you into a leader in your network marketing business plus helping you recruiting like a top performer. Most people are looking for short cuts to make serious money, but there are very few short cuts like that out there. Below is a very short review of the Black Belt Recruiting course, and make sure to check out the links as you go through it.

The core content in this course is in principle YOU, and developing YOU is the most important thing in your network marketing business.  It goes into details of what successful network marketers do, and what you need in order to be successful as well.
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REVIEW: Building On A Budget

Mike Dillard has created an amazing online business and the courses and training he has put together definitely qualifies to be labeled HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL.  Below is a short, but to the point review of his Building On A Budget E-book. As soon as you have made the purchase, you can download the book.  Building On A Budget is made for both experienced network marketers as well as for the beginners. The techniques in the book can also be used in all types of online businesses to create cheap traffic and prospects.

In the book Mike goes through a number of traffic generating methods in order for you to generate leads and prospects to your business. It is especially helpful if you’re working on a very low budget, as most often is the case when you are starting up your network marketing, MLM
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REVIEW: MLM Traffic Formula 2
The MLM Traffic Formula 2 is maybe the most extensive course on lead generation and rep sponsoring Mike Dillard and his team has made.  The other reviews of his products has been somewhat short, but because of both the content and the price of this course, the review is longer and more detailed.

This extensive course has 10 modules, and you get a back office with access to all of them.  The back office functions are well designed, and enables you to access the material from anywhere you like. The 10 modules are as follows:
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